Hot Tapping & Line Plugging

Our unique range of specialist hot tapping equipment enables a connection to be made to a piping system or a vessel without shutdown or interruption to production. Isolation of a piping system is achieved by passing a plugging head into the pipe bore through the tap created. All hardware is designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable design codes. All welding procedures conform with API standards.


Our range of hot tapping and line plugging equipment has allowed Taylors Engineering to undertake numerous live interventions on pipeline systesms. From the smallest bore emergency operation to large project planned interventions, Taylors Engineering can successfullly carry out liveinsertions into plant without the need for production down time. 


Our equipment is designed and tested to withstand the requirement opreating pressures, temperatures and harsh working environemnt.


By combining our hot tapping operations and visual inspection equipment, live internal inspections of plant can be undertaken in a safe, low cost manner. 

A comprehensive hot tapping package is availableincluding a survey of customer's site to determine the most efficient solution required. 

Highly Skilled engineers with many years experience can apply a variety of different procedures to provide the most cost efficient solution to suit the cusotmer's indivudal requirement. 

  • Hot tapping & line equipment from 1/2" to 72"
  • Drill pipes trapped with gas, depressurising kit
  • Surface & subsea applications
  • Under pressure chemical injection quil interventions
  • Relieve trapped gas in wellhead annuls

Our equipment is capable of performing hot taps into a wide variety of products, such as hydrocarbons, natural gas, water, steam and heavy oil among others.