Mechanical Services

Maintaining the integrity of bolt and flange connections is a key to minimising production downtime. Taylors Engineering assists clients to achieve their business objective of a safe and leak free work environment by providing appropriate management and control techniques.

Taylors Engineering offers mechanical services to manage the entire joint integrity process from inspection through to assembly, testing and completion. Our experienced, multi-disciplined technicians are fully trained and competent in the correct operation of the suite of tools and equipment that we use to provide the confidence and control that our clients are looking for.

Our Mechanical Services mission is: "To be the preferred provider for the Integrity of Bolted Connections."

Our mechanical service capability includes:

  • Pre-engineering and consumables
  • Leak sealing clamps
  • Leak sealing support
  • Flange Integrity Management
  • Bolting & Jointing Integrity solutions
  • Hot Bolting Clamps
  • Subsea Flange Integrity
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Technical support for bolted connections
  • Manpower - from individuals to full project teams

From our extensive controlled bolt tightening range, we mobilise the latest equipment for hydraulic bolt tensioning, bolt torqueing, nut splitting, flange spreading and flange alignment operations.