On Site Machining

Taylors Engineering's on-site machining services provide protablemachine tools and trained field service staff to meet the plant maintenance requirements calling for in-situ machinging services. The applications covered by this service include:


Flange Facing: Flanges up to a diameter of 6 metres with the variety of surface finishishes and configurations can be machined to close tolerances.


Pipe Cutting and Weld Preparation: Pipes and vessels to any given diamater can be cut using our range of lightweight pipe cutting machines. These state-of-the-art machines are capable of cutting and forming the weld preparation in a single operation on pipes of any wall thickness.


Surface Milling: Milling rails of various lengths are available locally and are capable of operating in a 3-axis mocement within 3mx2m fram in a single set-up. Typlical type of work completed using this equipment would be turbine half joint covers, pump and compressor mounting pads, etc. Milling of keyways on shafts can also be carried out in-situ.


Drilling: Holes of 150mm in diamter to a depth of one metre can be achieved using our standard range of drilling machines. Trepanning holes of a larger diamater can be achieved using our standar range of cutting and facing machines. 


Taylors Engeinnering can offer a diverse range of protable on-site machines, giving machine shop tolerances. Whether its flanges, heat exchanges, cover joints, boiler manways, industrial pipelines or vessel joints, we can help. Our externally and internally mounted machines are capable of facing, turning, grooving and weld prepping. Our protable machines are lightweight, strong and flexible. Most machines are pneumatically driven for use in hazardous areas.