BP Broome

BP Broome

Terminal Fire System Upgrade

Value $3,450,000

June 2015 – February 2016

BP Australia Pty Ltd (BP) owns and operates a bulk fuel storage terminal located in Broome, WA. The terminal is a Major Hazard Facility storing and distributing both Flammable and Combustible Refined Hydrocarbon liquids.

The existing fire systems at the Facility were identified as requiring upgrade to meet relevant Standards and Codes of Practice. The project scope of work included:

  • New pump house.
  • New fire water pumps, complete with Dicon Unit Controllers.
  • New foam concentrate pump to provide
  • Upgrade of the hydrant ring main.
  • New tank cooling systems.
  • New air ring main and associated equipment.
  • New fire water tank and gravel raft foundation for new fire water tank and modification to the existing fire water tank, BRM 13.
  • New pipe supports and modification of existing pipe supports.
  • New access platforms and modification to existing platforms.
  • Electrical and Instrumentation upgrades to support the fire system upgrade works, in general.
  • New Fire Control Panel (FCP) complete with PLC to automate the tank cooling system and pump operation
  • New remote I/O panels complete with controller; and
  • New cable ladder/conduits including new cabling.
  • Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all equipment designated Contractor Supply and the installation of all free issue equipment; and Deconstruction of existing plant & equipment.