Hot Tapping & Line Plugging

By utilising a unique range of specialist hot tapping equipment Taylors Engineering can penetrate a piping system or a vessel to create a connection without needing to shut down plant or interrupt production.

The piping system is isolated by passing a plugging head into the pipe bore through the tap created. All hardware is designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards and design codes. All welding procedures conform to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.

This range of hot tapping and line plugging equipment facilitates live interventions on pipeline systems from the smallest bore emergency operation to planned interventions to major projects. Taylors Engineering successfully carries out direct live insertions without the need for costly production down time. 

Our equipment is designed and tested to withstand the required operating pressures and temperatures found in harsh working environments throughout the State.

By combining hot tapping operations with specialist visual inspection equipment, live internal inspections of plant can be undertaken safely and affordably. A comprehensive hot tapping package is available which includes an extensive on-site survey to determine the most efficient solution. 

Our highly experienced and skilled workforce use a range of procedures to provide the most cost-efficient solutions customised to suit your specific requirements.

Specialised services include:

  • Hot tapping & line equipment from 1/2″ to 72″
  • Drill pipes trapped with gas, depressurising kit
  • Surface & subsea applications
  • Relieve trapped gas in wellhead annulus
  • Under pressure chemical injection quill interventions


Equipment used is capable of performing hot taps into a wide variety of products, such as hydrocarbons, natural gas, water, steam and heavy oil among others.