Non-Destructive Techniques

Where possible, Taylors Engineering uses non-destructive techniques to deliver a comprehensive service for repairs to leaking pipelines and pressure vessel systems, without the need to shut down the plant.

Using the latest ‘non-destructive’ repair methods consequential damage to service equipment is minimised with leaks repaired on almost all pressurised systems without any interruption to production. This procedure is suitable for line contents such as water, steam, hydrocarbons and numerous chemicals. Taylors leak sealing service maintains plant integrity and reduces unplanned emissions, an imperative factor in minimising environmental pollution.

The most frequent types of leaks repaired are:

  • Flanged Joints
  • Valve glands and bonnets
  • Heat exchanger joints
  • Pressure seal valves
  • Turbine joints
  • Ball valve seals
  • Corrode pipelines
  • Wellhead pack-off areas
  • Screwed couplings
  • Pipeline connections


Taylors Engineering also design, manufacture and install a wide range of pipeline encapsulation clamps. Alternately, customers can opt for their Split Sleeve Repair Clamps (SSRC’s), which can be easily installed by an in-house technician or contractor using standard hand or hydraulic tools.