Taylors Engineering’s on-site machining services provides trained field machinists with portable machine tools and all the know how to meet your in-situ plant maintenance requirements. The applications covered by this service include:

Flange Machining – with a variety of internally and externally mounted machines at our disposal, we can re-machine flange faces; RTJ grooves and bores from 15NB up to 900NB (with a variety of finishes) to meet your specific needs.

Pipe Cutting and Weld Preparation – pipes and vessels 200NB can be cut using the lightweight clamshell pipe cutting machine. This state-of-the-art machine is capable of cutting and forming a weld preparation in a single operation on pipes of any wall thickness.

Surface Milling – milling rails of various lengths are available locally and are capable of operating in a 3-axis movement. Typical type of work completed using this equipment would be pump and compressor mounting pads.

Line boring – the piece of equipment which can accurately machine bores up to 120mm diameter and 1200mm long.

Internal tube cutting – we use a range of tube cutting tools to cut tubes of any size from the inside up to 300mm deep. This is invaluable for onsite re-tubing of heat exchangers.

Fly cutting – a range of guided fly cutters can internally bore out tubes and tube-sheets of most sizes. These can be customised to make tooling to suit any depth and diameter.

Taylors Engineering offers a diverse range of portable on-site machines calibrated to the same accuracy and tolerances of machine shops. Whether your require flanges; heat exchangers; cover joints; boiler man-ways; industrial pipelines; or motor bases, we can help.

Our externally and internally mounted machines are capable of facing, turning, grooving and weld prepping. These portable machines are lightweight and rigid. Most machines are pneumatically driven making them suitable for use in hazardous areas.