Taylors Scaffolding Division is run by people with a passion for the industry, backed by a lifetime of experience. This ensures the same high standards are maintained no matter how large or small the job.

Taylors Scaffolding Division has worked hard to develop an outstanding business base with strong growth prospects, all backed by a team with the experience, capability and vision to deliver a consistently high standard of excellence to our clients.

What sets Taylors apart is their professional Site Supervision and Management Team and Scaffolding Crews who all take great pride in delivering safe and robust solutions to complex projects. Taylors scaffolders are highly skilled, trained, competent and ready to safely and efficiently get the job done.

They hold current licenses and tickets such as:

  • Work safely at heights
  • Safe work in confined spaces
  • Rope access
  • EWPA Yellow Card
  • License to perform high-risk work
  • First aid


Taylors Scaffolding Division has the capacity and experience to complete projects with effective scaffolding solutions including:

  • Scheduled shutdowns
  • Maintenance projects
  • Unscheduled works
  • Emergency shutdowns


Taylors Scaffolding supply and utilise three main types of scaffolding systems. These are used independently of in conjunction with each other systems depending on the scale and complexity of the job.



Considered to be one of the most sophisticated and versatile scaffolding systems on the market. Ringlock scaffolding has a small number of standard components which allow it to adapt and conform to almost every project need while remaining simple to set up and dismantle. With built-in safety mechanisms and high load capacity, the ringlock scaffolding system is a popular choice for many projects large or small. Ringlock systems come with a range of accessories that can be added to make it more accommodating and easier to work with.


Another highly adaptable product developed to meet a variety of circumstances and needs. This traditional scaffolding system is popular because of the total flexibility that it provides. Best used in conditions that precludes the use of other systems. Alternatively tube and fitting scaffolding can be used to complement other systems that lack the flexibility offered by this system.


Modular scaffolding is a stand-alone multi-purpose system which can be adapted and built to suit any shape, size and height requirement. The benefit of this modular system is its five basic, robust components and high capacity decking support. Modular systems use one or more modules, or independent units to form a base which can be extended to construct something much bigger and complex.